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Whippet Engineering are a family owned and operated business specializing in all forms of structural engineering and welding, having over 15 years of experience with local and regional business's ranging from large scale food and beverage manufacturers to small business of all types we value our customers and endevour to provide an up close and personalized service to cater for all forms of welding and structural construction to statisfy our clients. 
Aaron McDonald (CEO and owner) is a highly experienced tradesmen specializing in all forms of welding with a passion for perfection and a attention to detail at all times.

Our Vision. 

WELDING and the engineering industry go well beyond the bounds of its simple description. Welding and engineering today is applied to a wide variety of materials, projects and products, using such techniques as tig, mig, and the traditional electrode devices and combining these with advanced technologies such as lasers and plasma arcs. The future of engineering holds even greater promise as these methods are an entegral part of Whippet engineerings core paractices. Our vision is to provide the best methods of engineering expertise and provide a long lasting personalized service ensuring our business remains a family name in the Albury / Wodonga and surrounding regions.




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