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Completed projects

workshop facilities 

  • Mig welding (gas or flux cored)

  • CNc cutting 

  • Hard facing (stick or mig)

  • Wear plate welding ( pressed, rolled, duo type wear plate, manganese cast. parts, hardened steel)

  • General fitting services

  • Cutting edges, shrouds, heels, arrow heads, adaptors and teeth replacement

  • modifications and replacements

  • Bearing change

  • All forms of stainless steel welding

  • All forms of aluminium welding

  • Stick welding (mild, hardened or stainless steels)

  • sheet metal folding

  • Aluminium welding of all forms.

  • Pipe bending and exhaust manufacture.

  • Roll cage manufacture.

  • Press facilities for folding of sheetmetal and various thickness materials.

  • Guillaitne facilities.

  • Stainless steel welding of all types.

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