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  • Whippet Engineering are a local engineering business based in the Albury/Wodonga region on the N.S.W & Victorian border.

  • Having over 15 years hands on experience in regional engineering of all types, catering for all types of welding and engineering solutions no matter how large or small.

  • We specialize in alluminium, mildsteel, stainless steel and all other forms of metallurgy to ensure we provide the best service you deserve.


  • Whippet Engineering has been looking to expand the business while also looking for a consistent item to produce.

  • An opportunity arose with a long standing relationship and the Tech-Tray was born.

  • With the relationship came a long standing association with the local car dealers and away we went.

  • Producing Steel Trays, Aluminium trays, Aluminium Canopies and Roof Racks to meet the customers needs.

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